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The family that plays together stays together. You learn about each other more by participating in a sport together than you can in any other way. Running is an excellent sport for family involvement because it requires discipline, mutual support, can produce learning from each other, and helps keep everyone in the family healthy and active.

A real world example from Kent, the founder of Run for Hope, trained Jia Jin to run in a five kilometer race. Naturally, the boy’s family saw the race and Jia Jin’s enthusiasm for running became contagious to his family. Jai Jin’s sister, father, and mother all participated with him in a three kilometer run.


A family’s first experience with running may be support of one of their children in the sport of running. As a child progresses in their knowledge and ability in running they talk more about the sport and that enthusiasm is what often gets a family to start running together.

Life is busy for everyone. Running is one way that all family members can take some time out from their busy schedules to spend time with their family. It is not mandatory that you compete in any formal races or that you compete with each other although competition does help people keep their drive to run.

One of the best things about running is that it is one of the last expensive sports that families can get involved in. You will need some training to insure that you run properly and do not make mistakes that can cause you an injury but many training programs exist that are free. Your largest expense will be good running shoes especially if you have a very large family.


Running together as a family can become a life time practice. Taking the time to run a few kilometers each day or a few times a week with your family lets you connect on a daily basis and share the events of your life in a much more personal way than a phone call. You keep healthy in body and in spirit by running with your family.

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