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Do you remember the little boy Tee Seng Jian? He was the first child that Run for Hope trained in order to raise fund for the World Vision Malaysia. Well today, he doesn’t only run for himself. He is also the inspiration of his mother, as she is now a runner as well.

Now you might be asking yourself, “What’s so special about that?” Tee Seng Jian’s mother had leg paralysis when she was just a child. His mother, Cherry Wong Sook Yee, also suffers from chronic back pain and a knee injury that she has to cope with every day of her life.

Running wasn’t her first involvement with sports. Aside from her son’s encouragement and inspiring her to take up running, she also has some experience in this area of her life, and that gives her some idea that she can do physical things that might seem too difficult.

When Cherry was in high school she was a volleyball player. In her mind she probably brings back to memory all the times when she would run to hit the ball, or quickly save it, or throw the volleyball in the air and serve it, and this probably gives her a confidence within herself that would otherwise be just speculation. But she knows she can run a marathon, because she’s done something like it before.

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One can only imagine the level of pain that is coursing through her back and knee while she is running. It’s probably bad enough to make her want to give up and call it quits. She keeps going because right when she wants to give up, I’m sure she can see her son’s smiling, encouraging face while she was running.

No matter how bad she wanted to quit, I can imagine her desire to not disappoint her son is even more important than resting her knee or back. It was most likely these thoughts of her son that help her to finish her 5km MRCA running.

Love always has a way of pushing people to do more than they think they can. In this case, love not only inspired this family, but brought them closer together as well.

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