Join Run for Hope to Help Children in Orphanages

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The older we get, the more we realize that we are all on this planet together. If we work together to help one another, life would be so much sweeter. And there are so many ways to help one another. We can give money to charities. We can help neighbors who are struggling physically or emotionally by seeing what needs to be done and doing it, just because it’s the right thing to do.

Another thing we can do is join “Run for Hope”. Once we join, we can train in running or swimming in order to raise money for orphanages. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to help the little ones who have no parents and who don’t know what life is like in a loving family? Everyone should know that kind of life.

Anyone can join in these activities. In fact, three young girls, Amiera, Arianna and Sarafiena all did the training in running to help raise money. Sarafiena’s father also ran with the girls to give his support to them, which is a wonderful thing. The training was difficult, but they finished it in 45-60 minutes for the 4k. As we all know, finishing is the important part, no matter how long it takes. The effort put in pays off and the girls could pat themselves on the back for doing a job well. When it came time for the actual race, it took the girls only 35 minutes to complete the run. They did a remarkable job and rose quite a bit of money.

They are going to train in swimming for an upcoming event for another charity. It seems that they are learning the benefits not only for themselves, but for helping the world with the skills they are learning. Other children will benefit so much from what these girls are doing with their lives and their time. It would be great if everyone could come together to do the same.

The world is what we make it to be. It can be a peaceful place where we all come together for the betterment of everyone, or we can ignore one another and let the world fall apart. I know which one I would choose. And while it does take some planning and some effort, all in all, it doesn’t take a lot to get the benefits to help children in orphanages to live better lives.

Any healthy person of any age can run or swim. And we can easily gather friends and family and our communities to rally behind us to raise the money needed to change the life of a child. If every community came together and organized events like these, imagine how the world could be changed into something truly wonderful!

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