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Often, the difference between success and failure is determined by the willpower of the individual in question. How much time, effort, and resources are you willing to commit towards achieving a particular goal or target? How many trials and setbacks are you willing to put up with to see that dream of yours come to life? These and much more are questions you should ask yourself whenever you set to a new project or task. Once you can tell yourself the truth, and work with it, you are most likely going to succeed at whatever you set to achieve.

This happens to be the story of 65 years old Mary Wong. Over a year ago, Mary Wong was a swimming student. Her big dream was to be able to swim the backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. However she was unable to learn to swim the breaststroke style correctly and it was quite frustrating for her. Nevertheless, she developed a positive attitude towards achieving her goals, and she was resolute in not throwing in the towel until she had reached her goal. So when Mary could not learn to swim the breaststroke style, she never for once saw it as an impossible challenge. Instead, she committed, even more, hours to practice and to develop her skills.

Thanks to her determination, commitment, and persistence, Mary Wong can swim breaststroke that she so much desired to learn. Mary was able to develop her swimming skills and today she is a swimmer of a charity swimming organization. Her swimming prowess has earned her medals from the charity swimming which organized by Malaysia Swimming Teachers’ Association (MSTA), and the Run for Hope.

Teaching adults to swim can be quite tedious as the amount of work they have to put in is much. It is much easier to teach a child to swim, and children are less likely to give up as compared to adults. Adults have somewhat busy schedules and as such they do not have so much time to learn how to swim. So when things begin to get difficult for them, adult swimming students tend to lose hope and give up on the whole learning process. However, this was not the case with Mary Wong. Despite being an adult with a tight schedule; she was able to focus on her goal rather than on the stumbling blocks she had to surmount on her journey to achieving her dream.

Today, Mary is a sterling example to adults who are looking to learn to swim but are finding it somewhat difficult. Like every other endeavor in life, swimming requires long hours of practice, for one to be able to make the most of these hours. An exceptional level of commitment, patience, and persistence must be involved. You never know, you might just be steps from reaching that goal of yours. So, never give up on your dreams, and work relentlessly towards achieving them.

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