Charity Swim for A Millon Hopes


Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory (SCASFT) helps to develop and restrore to the fullest the physical, mental, social and economic usefulness of which the spastic child is capable by intensive and comprehensive rehabilitation services.

THREE swimmers swim 15km (5km each swimmer) at Prima Villa 30meters swimming pool on 18th July 2016 to raise fund for SCASFT.

For each RM45 donation to SCASFT, you will get a FREE book from Mr Herley Abdul Hamid, deliver* to your doorstep.

Mr Herley Abdul Hamid, who is the father of Muhammad Haziq. Since birth, Muhammad Haziq is blind, not able to sit or walk, nor can he talk.  For the last six years, he has been surviving only on milk delivered through tube feedings.  To date, Muhammad Haziq has had four deathbed survivals although multiple doctors have given up including recommending the removal of his life support to let him go peacefully when his pneumonia was too complex.

How can a completely disabled person make a difference to this world? How can a strong sense of gratefulness lead to a life full of meanings? The book changed a lot of people’s lives. It can change you too.

Donate RM45 to SCASFT and receive an international inspirational book FREE and be inspired with a real life story of a spastic child.

Please visit here to donate:

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