Charity Swim for A Millon Hopes

For each RM45 donation to SCASFT, you will get a FREE book from Mr Herley Abdul Hamid, deliver…

RM820 Donated
8.2% Funded

15km Relay Charity Swimming for Spastic Children

10 swimmer, from age 5 to age 63 swim 15km Relay Charity…..

RM7000 Donated
70% Funded

Three Girls Run for Misfortune Children Medical Expenses

Three girls run for misfortune children 5 months medical expenses

RM3078 Donated
102.6% Funded

We Swim So Other People Can Swim

We swim for children from Rumah K.I.D.S so that they can learn how to swim.

RM1768 Donated
30.65% Funded

7 Years Old Runs for Kids with Special Needs

Jia Jin would like to raise fund for PPKKCTM monthly expenses. Kindly help him to achieve his goal.

RM3360 Donated
336% Funded

Run for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Ke Yu and Yee Hern, even though they can’t fly to Nepal to help, but both sister and brother will run…

RM2000 Donated
200% Funded

Run to Save Children Who Die from Hunger and Diseases.

I would like to run to save children’s lives by running the…

RM5000 Donated
166.67% Funded

Run for a Library

A 9 years old boy realizes how important education is. But not all children in Malaysia are afford to have education.

RM3100 Donated
155% Funded
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